Upcoming Events & Special Appearances

2017 Special Events / Appearances / Touring / Main Stage Shows
(Confirmed events only – Events added as they confirm)

August 12/19/26: Appearance at Ocala Farmers Market, 11:00am      August 26th: Ocala Tour Date, Reilly Arts Center, Ocala, FL
September 12th: Best of Sanford Awards, Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, Sanford, FL
September 23rd: Florida Blog Con, Private Performance 9am
September 23rd: St Juan’s Pirate Festival, 8pm – 9:30pm, Sanford, FL
September 30th: Performance at Orlando Weekly’s Artlando
October 5th: Orlando Museum of Art
October 6th: Private Performance at the Orlando Science Center
October 13th – November 4th: Phantasmagoria VIII “The Chains of Fire” Mainstage Show at Lowndes Shakespeare Center
October 14th/21st: Lake Mary Museum – Lake Mary, FL
October 15th: Special Appearance at the Orange County Library, Downtown Branch – 2:00pm
October 19th: Special Performance at City Arts Factory Dia de los Muertes – 6:30pm
October 21st/22nd: Steampunk Industrial Show – Mount Dora, FL
October 21st: Special Appearance at Creative City Project Immerse
10:30pm at the SunTrust Stage.
October 22nd: Orlando Weekly Zombie Ball, Orlando, FL
(NOTE: Additional Halloween Season appearances TBD)
December 2nd: Appearance at Renningers Christmas
Premiere of Phantasmagoria’s “A Christmas Carol, A Ghost Story of Christmas” – original adaptation and re-invention – Lowndes Shakespeare Center at multiple locations.
December 16th, 17th: Lowndes Shakespeare Center
December 21: Athens Theater in Deland, FL
December 22nd: Historic State Theatre in Eustis, FL
December 23rd: Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, Sanford, FL
Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, Sanford, FL
JANUARY 8th, 4-7pm: Belly Dance with Serafina Schiano
JANUARY 15th, 4-7pm: Ensemble Movement with John/Dion DiDonna
JANUARY 22nd, 4-7pm: Stage Combat with Bill Warriner

JANUARY 27th, 28th: Steampunk Industrial Days, Renningers, Mt Dora, FL

Archive of Past Shows and Appearances from 2017
January 5th: Orlando Museum of Art – Orlando, FL
January 8th: Deland Comic and Collectables Show – Deland, FL
January 8th: Pinkham/Shea Wedding – Groveland, FL
January 21st: Promotional Appearance Renningers – Mount Dora, FL
January 21st: Preshow Performance, Athens Theater – Deland, FL
January 28th/29th: Steampunk Industrial Show, – Mount Dora, FL
February 4th: Orlando Museum of Art for Fringe, Orlando, FL
February 10th: Linda Chapin Theater OCCC, Orlando, FL
February 11th: Peabody Auditorium, Daytona Beach, FL
February 18th: Mardi Gras Parade, 2pm – Downtown Sanford, FL
February 19th: Cosmic Film Festival, Orlando, FL
February 24th: “Steampunk Spectacular” @ 7pm – Renningers, Mount Dora, FL
(Appearing with Cog is Dead/This Way to the Egress)
MARCH 2017
March 4th: Phantasmagoria’s Children’s show “The Official Book Of Frightening Little Children (Or simply just amusing them) Tales of Silly, Witty, Little Whimsies” @ 3pm Central Florida Fair, Orlando, FL
March 9th: Teaser Appearance at “Alive After 5”, Sanford, FL
March 11th: Private Fire Performance, Purim Celebrations, Orlando, FL
March 25th: Performance for Rabbit Foot Records 5th Anniversary, Sanford, FL
APRIL 2017
April 13th: “ALIVE after 5” Performance, Downtown Sanford, FL
April 17th: Fringe Preview Performance, Lowndes Shakespeare Center, Orlando, FL
April 21st: Steampunk 30th Anniversary Celebration, InVision Creative Cafe, Tampa, FL
April 23rd: Daytona Beach Comic Book Convention – Daytona Beach, FL
April 27th: “Theatrix” Gallery Opening, Orlando, FL
MAY 2017
May 16th – 29th: “Wickedest Tales of All” New Touring Show!
Premiering for 5 shows at the Orlando Fringe
Orange Venue – Orlando, FL
(NOTE: During Fringe we do many promotional appearances as well)
JUNE 2017
June 3rd: “Wickedest Tales of All” – Historic State Theater, Eustis     June 9th/16th/23rd: Appearance at Deland Farmers Market
June 24th: “Wickedest Tales of All” – Athens Theater, Deland
Multiple Tour Dates for “Wickedest” still to be announced.
JULY 2017
July 25th – 30th: “Wickedest Little Tales” Tour Show – Baltimore, MD