History and Legend

The following photograph was taken from the journals and notes of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. 

The Ballad of Phantasmagoria Translated from the original by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Estimated date of creation, late 8th Century AD upon the Greeks returning to Greece  From out the cloud of ancient lore,   Born in dark forgotten times,  These wanderers swept o’er the land,  Athwart valley and mountain climbs.   From far and wide they gathered strong, Not knowing whence they came, They sought another from out the throng, A troupe born through their gloried fame.  “Phantasmagoria” they soon were known, Vast centuries soared through swift, Within each nation, their seed was grown, The Stories were their gift.  The tales they told brought fear to all, Conjuring beasts from hell born doom, The fates and muses who sound their call, Brought  life to the weaver’s loom.  Until the day when worlds are torn, And demons gather nigh, For of the stories they are born, And of the stories, . . . they shall die.

“For of the stories they are born,…

…and of the stories, they shall die.”

  Phantasmagoria_7740.jpgFrom out the darkest times they came. Since the first moment a story was told, they existed. Immortal. Forever.

They were the wanderers who traveled the countryside… traversing the mountains and villages of Greece, carrying with them the stories of old. Yet they travelled alone, never knowing from whence they came, or where they were headed.

In the sixth century B.C., our founder Byron met Cyril in Athens, both actors in the ancient festivals. These men realized they were two of a rare breed, an unknown race united by the stories. Joining together, the search began for more of their kind, and slowly — one by one through the centuries — the troupe formed from disparate nations, banding together to share and live the stories.

Over the centuries many have joined. Many have left. Some disappear for a time, joining the human world. But they oftentimes return. As beings “more than natural”they have been mistaken as creatures of evil throughout the centuries, through many persecutions — from the Inquisitions to the Witch Hunts. Many of their lives have been forcibly taken.Phantasmagoria_9114.jpg

The “Phantasmagoria Troupe”and those that are yet to be found are all that remain of these immortals. They know truly that no story has ever been written; they exist, breathe and live. Those that glimpse these and write them down are merely chronicling a history few can see.

And the troupe lives and dies by only this rule:

“Once a story is chosen, it must be told. Once a story is begun, it must be finished.”

This rule is an unbreakable and horrifyingly dangerous one.

Let the stories begin!