Wickedest Tales of All

“The amazing world of Phantasmagoria Orlando. . . one of the most unique theater troupes in the country.”

– Paul Milliken, Good Day Atlanta

“Wickedest Tales of All”

To Premiere at Orlando Fringe before Mini Tour

Photo by Chris Bridges

Photo by Chris Bridges

Orlando, FL – After wowing audiences with its first two touring shows the critically acclaimed Victorian Horror Troupe PHANTASMAGORIA, will premiere its third touring show PHANTASMAGORIA’s “Wickedest Tales of All” with a limited engagement of 5 performances at the 26th Annual Orlando International Fringe Festival before heading out on a mini tour of Florida and out of state cities!

PHANTASMAGORIA’s “Wickedest Tales of All” will explode onto the stage of the Fringe’s Orange Venue (The Margeson Theater of the Lowndes Shakespeare Center) with its haunting and whimsical stories of horror, “Phantastical” dance, live music, explosive stage combat, large scale puppetry and enthralling storytelling. Join this evocative troupe of storytellers, dancers, and chorus as they embark on adventures through their most popular tales of terror, horrific folk tales, legends and myths from around the world.

Phantasmagoria, Sunday, April 3, 2017. Photo by C. A. Bridges

Photo by Chris Bridges

From the seething madness of Charles Dickens’ “A Madman’s Manuscript” to the bloody and visceral revenge of the Hindu “Tale of the Churel”, the macabre offerings of centuries old ghastly Nursery Rhymes from “Gammer Gurton’s Garland” and crashing headlong into the inescapable and deathly menace of one of Edgar Allan Poe’s most well known works “The Masque of the Red Death” – and much, MUCH more! Phantasmagoria will take to the stage with true vengeance!


With the ongoing critically acclaimed success of the past eight years of ongoing original shows – as well as ever popular special events and appearances throughout the year – “WICKEDEST TALES OF ALL” will feature the “Best Of” the last seven years of sold out shows that have enjoyed rave reviews – all in newly approached and re-imagined versions.                      

Under the creation and direction of John DiDonna, with co-direction by Seth Kubersky and Kevin G. Becker, the choreography of Mila Makarova and Serafina Schiano, fight direction by Bill Warriner, and all original music and soundscapes by Les Caulfield and other artists including Tod Kimbro, costumes by Shelly Henriott, and projections by Dana Mott, this new installment presents us with a truly “Phantasmagorical” way to spend a whimsical, macabre and exhilarating evening of theater at the 26th Annual Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival.


WHO:            Phantasmagoria Orlando/ DiDonna Productions / Orlando International Fringe Festival

Phantasmagoria, Sunday, April 3, 2017. Photo by C. A. Bridges

Photo by Chris Bridges

WHAT:         PHANTASMAGORIA –“Wickedest Tales of All” at the Orlando Fringe

AGE:             Phantasmagoria “Wickedest Tales of All” is appropriate for all ages. Due to some horror elements, children 7 and above is suggested.

WHEN:           Limited engagement FIVE shows only!

  • Wed 5/17 @ 7:30 PM
  • Sat 5/20 @ 9:00 PM
  • Sun 5/21 @ 2:30 PM
  • Wed 5/24 @ 6:45 PM
  • Sat 5/27 @ 11:59 PM

WHERE:         26th Annual Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival

                        Loch Haven Park (Corner of 1792 and Princeton in Orlando)

Orange Venue (Lowndes Shakespeare Center – Margeson Theater)

TICKETS:       www.orlandofringe.org or at Onsite Box Offices

Tickets are $12.00 (Plus service charge. Must have Fringe Button to enter)

Military/Student/Senior/Fringe Artists discounts available

DURATION:   60 minutes

CATEGORY: Theater, Puppetry, Horror, Storytelling

PARKING:      On premises in parking lot of theater or nearby designated lots.

Selected Reviews and Media Quotes from Shows and Special Events


“ . . . each story was so captivating and bewitching. . .Using music, dance and some of the finest story-telling I’ve seen, the cast of “Phantasmagoria” resurrects these haunting stories from the

canon of Victorian literature.” – Lania Berger, Orlando Sentinel

“It’s a haunting and exciting opening that sucked me in completely, and it didn’t get less gripping from there. . . . Twisted and engaging, Phantasmagoria: Wickeder Little Tales is a production that shouldn’t be missed.” – Harry Sayer, Orlando Weekly

“As always, the Phantasmagoria production is stylish, well acted, and done with a great deal of wit and innovation.” – Michael Freeman, Freeline Media Orlando

“It was good to see this troupe in such a large venue. With so many actors and actresses, they easily utilize every inch of the deep space. If you have a taste for the macabre then Phantasmagoria is the show for you.” – Thomas Thorspecken, Analog Artist Digital World


“The amazing world of Phantasmagoria Orlando,. . .one of the most unique theater troupes in the country.” – Paul Milliken, Good Day Atlanta

“You may think you’ve done theater… but you’ve never done theater like THIS! . . . Phantasmagoria truly incorporates every conceivable aspect of art and performance. Most importantly, they do it so well. . . a magnificent masterpiece that flows like a cascading sea – natural, smooth, and simply breathtaking” – Dawn Sabato, ComeSeeOrlando.com

“This touring edition of Phantasmagoria combines humor and horror in a steampunk, goth production that shines.” – Thomas Thorspecken, Analog Digital Artist World

“Who doesn’t love a wicked good story? Especially when it’s told with acrobatics and puppets and dance and staged combat (and occasionally open flames), presented by a bunch of performers who throw themselves with gusto into their Victorian-era gypsy storyteller roles” – Orlando Weekly


“As we celebrate the Halloween season with one of the best Victorian Horror Troupes in the country – They keep getting better and better every year . . .”  – David Martin, Good Day Orlando

Something wicked this way comes in the form of Phantasmagoria,. . . this pastiche of stylish costumes and scary stories is quite good at being wicked. . . Scary never seemed so stylish.”   – Matt Palm, Orlando Sentinel

“Phantasmagoria presents an adventurous outing, where you have a lot to keep you watching – the expert dancers, the actors, the costumes and puppets.” –The Ledger

“Phantasmagoria blends literature, dance, puppetry and poetry into a wonderful post-modern theatrical tapestry.” – WESH.com

“. . .to enchant your spirit and captivate your senses. . . there’s no better trick or treat in town.”  – Al Krulick, Orlando Weekly

“As the tension continued to build, like a kid, I came away feeling –
C’mon, scare me again!” – Josh Garrick, Arts Editor; Winter Park Observer


“A realm of beauty, elegance and just the right amount spookiness . . .it was one of my favorite productions of the year! . . .The show is so rich in storytelling, beautiful sets, gorgeous costuming and amazing performers . . .Gorgeousness and Gothic, Don’t miss it!”  – Denna Eramo, The Daily City

“. . .One of the most fiendishly clever nightmares you’ll ever tumble into.

And when it’s over and the lights have come up, and you’re no longer sitting in the eerie darkness, you’ll likely to remember just how invigorating and stimulating brilliant theater truly can be.” – Michael Freeman; freelinemediaorlando

“It would be a fiendish, horrific tragedy if you didn’t get to see Phantasmagoria.” – Thomas Thorspecken; Analog Digital Artist World

“It’s just friggin’ amazing.” – Carl Gauze; INK 19

“. . .a theatrical world of its own design, unique in theme and boundlessly creative.” – James Tutten, Jet Media

“Phantasmagoria brought such a unique and entertaining dynamic to the Red Chair Affair . . . They are truly a hidden gem in Central Florida” – Autumn Schaefer Ames, Executive Director Arts and Cultural Alliance

“. . .another astounding show filled with storytellers, dancers, and chorus based on tales of terror from Edgar Allan Poe, Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens, among folk tales, legends and myths.”  – Michael Gavin; InsidetheMagic.net